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What is a Cooperative Preschool- The traditional model of a Cooperative Preschool is one where parents work together to educate and care for children.  Parents take turns working in the classrooms in a volunteer position in lieu of traditional paid teachers and staff.  At West Marietta we are taking a slightly different approach.  Although we encourage parents to volunteer in the program, we understand that the classroom may not be the best place to showcase your talents.  We provide various times and areas for volunteerism in our program.  We will work with each family to find a position that suits their schedule.  It might be as simple as reading a book once a week to the class or volunteering on our parent board. 
Like traditional child care programs we do charge a monthly tuition, however unlike traditional childcare programs we cater to the needs of our parents and provide services that they determine are the best for their child.

Are parents required to volunteer in the classroom- You are never required to do anything.  BUT, I can assure you, you will want to help.  My vision for our program is a place where families are welcomed.  You will want to come, stay and play!!  It will be a place to re-live your childhood in a fun and unique environment.

How are you different from other programs- We are quite unique in our approach to child care.  1st- We are very small.  We serve 20 children in our “little” program and by keeping our numbers low we can form a community that supports each other.  2nd- We elect a parent board to determine the program services     3rd-We provide services based on parental need.  Should we operate on Friday nights for the Marietta Art walk? Should be provide care and shuttle service for Braves games?  Should we provide extended care hours for date nights?  What special services do parents need; Ballet classes, art classes, music lessons?  We are here for you! 

Who is Reggio Emilia- An early learning philosophy that believes children are natural learners and should search out answers to their questions.  The programs responsibility is to provide environments (classrooms) that are supportive to each child.  Since we are a small school this is our focus.  We provide unique, ever changing environments to stimulate little brains.

What are the program operating hours- Currently we are scheduled to operate 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday.  Half-Day programs are available from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

What ages do you serve- We are license to care for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years.

What is the weekly tuition- Tuition is billed monthly and is determined by the number of days you attend each week.  For a complete list of monthly tuition rates please contact us directly.

Are there other fees associated with enrollment- No, the monthly fee is figured to cover all costs.

Do you offer discounts- Of course!  We provide a monthly discount for families if 2 or more children are enrolled.

How do I submit an application for enrollment- Please contact us for an application for enrollment.  Let us know if you are looking for Full Day or Half-Day care.  We will serve 20 children and will start a waiting list as soon as the need arises.

Are you hiring- We are always looking for qualified individuals to work in our program.  Feel free to contact us at westmcp@gmail.com for employment information.

Who is the owner/director of the program- Elizabeth Abdinoor Burns, M.Ed is the proud owner of WestMCP.  I was born and raised down the road in Smyrna, GA.  I received both my Bachelors in Child Development and Masters in Education from The University of Georgia.  I have worked in the child care industry for over 25 years most recently as a Consultant for The Department of Early Care and Learning (the state licensing agency for all child care programs).  As a working mom of two I realized there was a huge need for quality childcare in West Cobb and an even greater need for non-traditional child care that serves the community.

 I hope that you find my vision inspiring and I have a greater hope that together we change the model of child care